Our testimonials

Strategic Building Services is an integral part of the team responsible for building the new Community Memorial Hospital in Venture, California over the past two years.

Building a new community hospital at any time is a daunting experience and more so for those who are not in the business of building. Through this experience, I have watched and learned through numerous meetings and encounters that there are individuals who stand out because of their work ethics and how they interact and react with the project as a whole. Strategic Building Services demonstrates these qualities by working collaboratively with the contractor, deign professional and sub-contractors to make the day to day inspections a group effort - working through issues and finding solutions so that the entire team is successful. Their collective and shared approach is well received by the team and results in a higher rate of passed inspections.

I would highly recommend Strategic Building Services to any hospital administrator who is looking for an OSHPD inspection team that not only provides exemplary inspection services but also demonstrates leadership and a collaborative work atmosphere bringing the entire team together to provide a quality project.

Adam Y Thunell, FACHE, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

As Vice President of Swinerton Builders, I personally worked with Strategic Building Services on the Providence Holy Cross Tower project and found Tyler and his team to effectively and tirelessly collaborate with the contractor, architect and sub-contractors to ensure successful inspections - working through problems and developing solutions as a team.

Based on my personal experience, Strategic Building Services has developed an effective working relationship with the OSHPD field staff in various areas throughout southern California and this has resulted in positive outcomes during site visits of OSHPD field staff. The advantage of these relationships can positively impact the project flow and relationships from project start through substantial completion.

I highly recommend Strategic Building Services to an Owner who is looking to engage an OSHPD inspection team that provides quality inspection services, works positively within a team and promotes a collaborative work environment which will effectively lead to a successful project.

Jerry Mejia, Swinerton Builders Vice President, Operations Manager