- Inspections are an on going process and inspection requests are not a driver to provide inspections

- Inspection requests are a tool used to identify completed work & document milestones of the TIO as well as job progress

- As an example, we identify acceptance of work daily on an electronic tablet as shown here.

- This method is coordinated with the general contractor for designated zones or quadrants with the flow of work

- Inspection requests are then generated with a designated inspection software such as Freight train or fieldwire.

- Utilizing this method within our cloud based server and/or freight train software, we can view all of the IOR’s completed inspections real time

Maintaining accessibility to information through an accurate tracking method is critical for issues that arise in the field. Using specific software that allows for the ability to track and easily distribute with extensive detail through the software systems we utilize enables an efficient and effective quality assurance process

quality assurance check